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Wild at heart is a film less and more a psychological journey. It is difficult to assess how judging other films; You can not only according to the same rules. Most of the film is about entertainment and tells a story. This movie (like Blue Velvet, before that) is intense emotions, the dark side of the soul and the twisted mind of Director David Lynch. David Lynch is one of the few directors who have left, which has expressed through their work. It is one of the last real film artists. Here engaged, perhaps even at the end. I don't know what I can say that this movie has me in the usual sense; But I loved the experience. Obsessions with Elvis, (replaced or channeled by Nicholas Cage in an interpretation inspired) the wizard of Oz (the film refers repeatedly to classical concrete and symbolism) wild desire/women and make you is bad for all of us in the middle. the history is secondary. It is the story of a couple whose love is bordered by an unhealthy obsession, and it seems, that was founded in the pleasure more spirit. This is a picture of the path basically so superficial. But this film is twisted desires of Lynch, and their desire for us. The scene where the villain character Laura Dern verbally seduced Willem Dafoe animal, is one of the most powerful scenes in the film. In my view the premiere of this film and the debut of the twin peaks television were events that began at least in the sense of the art of the 1990s. See this movie; Is an intense roller coaster, a dream and unfiltered air into the American psyche and spirit of Lynch. There may be something to the theory that European Lynch more than dirty talking online tips the average American. I'm not sure about this topic, but this movie like is, that the blue velvet, fire walk with me, Mulholland Drive, etc., and I'm surprised that many people have a poor opinion of him. Lynch movies seem, which examines the connection between romance (or at least lust) and more dark impulses as obsession, murder, and dementia. The Division is quite clear; A complete epic Romance, with cage and Laura Dern is so insane love the couple on the run. The classic novel paradigm change is how very ironic and portray to have great pleasure Lynch and actors that plumpe characters in one, over-the-top. This is where some people seem a problem with the film: the exaggerated interpretation & cage Dern. Personally, I think, humorous, they do a great job should be and it works as a perfect counterpoint to the most claimed that barriers be overcome. Here's where the film really shines: Lynch makes a strange and dangerous underground world of criminal activities to his imagination in his portrayal run. Willem Dafoe is perfectly suited as the pan of Hitman and the scene where he tries to seduce Laura Dern, in a hotel room is one of the most disturbing moments of sexual tension trapped in a movie. Like most movie, Lynch's many small details, lots of humor and average intelligence (as opposed to your shot in Hollywood) always enjoy. However, it is a very imaginative and fun and not to be missed! Wilde Herzen is a masterpiece of surrealism, and scenes from the target David Lynchs absolutely works great. Nicholas Cage as sailor made rare to see a high in colours, like a sign on a screen one of the acting appointments of Mr. cage is the best ever absolutely. This fabulous film is one of the best of its kind. History does not seem to want to, let you accompany you forever and never leaves him. Is a film of 5 hours taken have might and I put on my chair with a smile. In particular, I understand that my breast. More reviews for this film several persons have doubled the dune as a good movie by David Lynch. David Lynch gave to understand that it was a mistake of the dunes at all. (The date was actually: I prefer not to mention the study of the actor.) Dune is a great book, Lynch is a great Director, but the scenario of the dune was an abject disaster (sets, costumes and actors were excellent. ) The point is: who has wild in the heart in a negative review, but liked dune on general principles should be ignored. If you lost Highway blue velvet and Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead. It is more likely that you can enjoy in the wild at heart. Is the closest thing to a spectacle that he did, although the type of black comedy. Lynch's films are abstract, such as painting, so if you like the movie, you must decrypt and think for the day, the consequences, then this is for you. If you liked Dune, you adhere to Jerry Bruckheimer productions. I think this is a classic, it's brutal, but it is not bad or not. A journey of situations and characters, the surreal Street love story and interesting but. Read more by Peter Baker, 1 month written. Very disappointed! This Blu-ray is not rendered in the regular Blu-ray player. I don't know why it would be clear not only to customers. Published 4 months ago by Savara. If you have a seller of this product and I would like to change the product details, click here (you must login with your ID). After viewing the product detail pages, find back a simple way to the pages that you are interested in,.